UAE: ‘3rd Global Halal Trade & Logistics Summit’

Event Introduction

3rd Global Halal Trade & Logistics Summit’ part of ‘Global Trade Development week’| 22-23 October 2013 | Shangri-La Dubai, U.A.E

125x125-kwhalalA week of Trade Capacity Building & Networking Summits, Workshops and site tours joining together global leaders from Multi Laterals – Governments – IPA’s – FDI – Investment – Trade Finance – Halal Trade – Manufacturers – Supply Chain – Logistics – Industrial Locations – Special Economic Zones

The Global Halal Industry is estimated to be worth about US$2.3 trillion and many major manufacturers are now insisting that their supply chains become globally halal compliant. The development of global standardization of Halal certification being developed by OIC and the goal to create international assurance to consumers of product integrity in Muslim and non-Muslim countries alike is a driving factor that Global MNC’s and SME’s alike can no longer afford to ignore .

Following the success of the June International summit held in Malaysia which gathered representation of 80+ Governments – Retailers, Manufacturers across Pharmaceuticals, F&B, Cosmetics – Standards & Academia – Supply Chain & Logistics Suppliers The ‘3rd Global Halal Trade & Logistics Summit’ is a unique global platform for the exchange of ideas and information, networking and business development for professionals in the halal compliance, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain industries internationally to share best practice and develop new business networks.

The programme runs concurrently with ‘The Global Trade Development Week’, 21-24 October, Dubai and includes a site tour programme to visit leading industrial locations & facilities.



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