UAE: McDonald’s Halal Chicken GCC Imports Exceed 12,000 Tons In 2012

imgresMcDonald’s Arabia has announced imports of Halal chicken, to its 369 restaurants across the GCC region recorded more than 12,000 tons in 2012. The supply is up by 12.3 percent from the previous year due to the growth of demand for chicken meals.
Chickens are prepared through strict halal procedures daily in Malaysia, the main exporter of high quality halal chicken to all McDonald’s restaurant in the region.

The information was revealed following Kuwaiti delegation’s visit to Malaysia to observe the sophisticated systems that McDonald’s implies on suppliers in the preparation food by halal procedures. The delegation included the Kuwaiti Director of Commercial Fraud and accompanied by executives from McDonald’s. The trip included visits to Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), an official Malaysian authority that supervises Halal procedures; the Mac Food factory; and two certified Halal slaughter houses, where chickens are prepared daily – under the supervision of JAKIM. Approximately 1,200 employees work at both slaughter houses, and are all holders of certificates provided by the authority.

“Ensuring that all ingredients and produce are halal is McDonald’s top priority,” said Yousif Abdulghani, the Managing Director of McDonald’s Middle East and Africa. “All products served at all McDonald’s restaurants in the Middle East are Halal, as they all ingredients are inspected and approved by local authorities and Halal officers at the countries of export and customs officials at the port of entry. Our customers can be assured that the food that they enjoy is halal and has the same world-famous taste.”

Since the first launch of McDonald’s in the GCC in 1993, the company has offered high quality halal food to all customers through qualified suppliers. McDonald’s ensures 100% supplier eligibility before adding any source to its database of approved suppliers. To qualify as a McDonald’s supplier, they must adhere to social responsibility policies on aspects concerning animal welfare, animal feed, as well as prohibition of deforestation and use of antibiotics as growth promoters and above all, Halal.

McDonalds halal certificates are displayed at its restaurants and on the website McDonald’s also offers an ‘Open-Door’ program, open to the public, to take a closer look at the quality standards of the products and procedures implemented at the restaurants. More information on the program and registrations can be found on the McDonald’s Arabia website.