UAE: Midamar serving Authentic Greek Gyros at SIAL 2012 in Abu Dhabi

(Cedar Rapids, IA) Midamar will be exhibiting at SIAL Middle East which will be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi, UAE on November 26-28. This year at SIAL, Midamar will be featuring its authentic Greek style gyros and serving samples of delicious Halal gyros sandwiches at booth B-73 in the USA Pavilion. In the Middle East, most people are accustomed to eating “Shawarma”, a delicious, flavorful meat, vegetable and sauce combination wrapped in a pita.  The Midamar Gyros Sandwich is different than the traditional Shawarma. It is the first traditionally Greek Halal Gyros in the Middle East.

The word “Gyros” in Greek means to rotate. Midamar authentic Greek Gyros is made from tender slices of beef and lamb round steak, rotated on a vertical rotisserie.  The fat from the meat slowly bastes and crisps the gyros slices.  The meat is flavored with just the right amount of Greek spices, derived from an old family recipe.

Authentic Greek Gyros is served on freshly baked Greek Flatbread which is thicker and more substantial than Middle Eastern pita bread.  The Halal gyros meat and fresh vegetables are placed on the flatbread and served with a delicious sauce, called ‘tzatziki’ which is made out of yoghurt, onions, garlic, herbs and seasonings.

Midamar Halal Gyros is available in a 20 pound cone or pre-sliced and packaged in a case for food service customers. The economy size case is also perfect for special occasions and family gatherings. In 2013, the 1lb. retail package of Midamar Halal Greek Gyros will be available at supermarkets in the UAE and the GCC region.

Midamar Halal Gyros is unique in that it is made with 100% lean beef and lamb round steak that is marinated in garlic, lemon juice, herbs and spices. Most other gyros include a combination of beef, lamb and other meats. Midamar Gyros contains no fillers, organ meat, MSG or artificial ingredients whatsoever.  A truly authentic Halal Gyros Sandwich includes the meat, vegetables, and sauce on real Greek flatbread.

In addition, this year at SIAL a jury of food and hospitality industry experts has chosen the Midamar Halal Apple Hickory Smoked Breakfast Beef Strips as a finalist for the SIAL Middle East 2012 Innovation Awards.  The Halal Beef Strips will be featured at the SIAL Innovation area in Hall 5, and will then also travel to the other SIAL events around the world: SIAL Canada (April), SIAL China (May), SIAL Brazil (June).