UAE: Sheikh Mohammad issues law for Emirates Global Accreditation Centre

Emirates 24/7

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the 214056UAE, has issued in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, Law Number 27 for 2015, setting up the Emirates Global Centre for Accreditation to support national economy and boost the status of Dubai as the Global Capital for Islamic Economy.

Commenting on the issuance of the new law, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Supervisor of the Dubai Initiative as the Capital of the Islamic Economy, said, “The law reflects the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to make Dubai a reliable reference worldwide for the system of Islamic economy.”

He added that the establishment of the Emirates Global Centre for Accreditation “is the fundamental element for the halal sector and complements the organisational infrastructure which integrates with all other sectors we have established for the implementation of a world-class strategy for the Islamic economy.”

Sheikh Hamdan said, “We are confident that this initiative will contribute towards achieving our aspirations regarding economic diversification and supporting the Islamic economy. Being the global leader in this area requires us to continue to innovate.”

He added, “Our strategic steps are going as planned to strengthen the Islamic economy and ensuring it has a global impact by providing it with essential and innovative components required by the economic system worldwide.”

The centre aims to strengthen Dubai’s position as the global Islamic economic capital by winning international recognition and backing of competent organisations at the regional and global levels in different areas of accreditation.

The centre will also help in facilitation of trade exchanges, strengthening the role of the state and the emirate in industry and trade areas as well as contributing towards protection of environment, health and safety to support the national economy and promote economic enterprises’ ability to compete in local, regional and global markets.

It also aims to ensure quality, trust and credibility of the conformity certificates issued by the assessment bodies.

The new law specifies the terms of reference of the Emirates Global Emirates Centre for Accreditation, which include the accreditation of the services provided by the conformity bodies within and outside the state, including testing, calibration and inspection of services and granting certificates of conformity to individuals, systems and products in accordance with the requirements and standards in this regard.

According to the law, the centre establishes databases and smart e-applications that contribute to upgrading the services provided by the centre at the local, regional and global levels as well as raise awareness about the importance of the centre’s work and the role of accreditation in environmental protection, health and safety.

The centre will also convene and organise workshops, international conferences and training courses.

Hussein Lootah, Director-General of Dubai Municipality and member of the Dubai Centre for Management and Development of Islamic Economy, commended the issuance of this law at the initiative of Sheikh Mohammed.

He said, “This law represents a natural evolution of Dubai’s march towards leadership in the development of the Islamic economic system, in which the halal sector constitutes a fundamental pillar of supply to all other sectors and contributes to their growth.

“The adoption of necessary procedures and mechanisms will help check the efficiency of the corresponding points of evaluation, reinforce the credibility of the standards and specifications of the halal accreditation adopted in the state.”

Lootah said this initiative will contribute to supporting the country and Dubai’s economy through boosting competitiveness of the active sector institutions to promote local, regional and global markets.