UK: 2 in 3 British Muslims Choose Holiday Destinations Based on ‘Halal’

An insightful study by mud orange, a marketing agency specialising in Muslim audiences, reveals the latest data on British Muslim travel and holiday habits

‘mud orange’, a multi award-winning strategy and creative agency, today unveiled a consumer insights report uncovering insights into the travel and tourism behaviour and desires of British Muslims.

The study reveals that 68% of British Muslims choose holiday destinations based on halal food availability and Muslim-friendly environments as a priority.

Conducted with over 1,000 British Muslims across the UK, this travel & tourism study unveils that the 3.9 million British Muslim population is a significant, growing segment with distinct and dynamic lifestyle and travel needs.

The report highlights five core insights, revealing that destinations like the UAE and Turkey, known for their Muslim-friendly cultures, top the travel list for British Muslims. The study also uncovered a need for an adrenaline hit for Gen Z’s, with 1 in 3 Muslim Gen Zs planning outdoorsy, adrenaline-fueled activities such as zip lining or scuba diving when traveling abroad.

The insights come off the back of the latest census data which details a social shift amongst British Muslims. 1/3 of all British Muslims now hold a university degree and 38% are employed in white-collar professions. This economically active group, making up 6.5% of the UK population, has largely gone unnoticed in marketing and commercial endeavours.

“British Muslims are not a niche market. They are a significant and growing segment with substantial economic power. Their unique needs and preferences in travel and tourism are shaping a new market landscape that brands need to acknowledge and cater to,” said Arif Miah, strategy director of mud orange.

Brands and destinations looking to attract British Muslim travellers should focus on providing diverse content about food, activities and accommodations to make venturing into the new more approachable. According to the report, 44% of British Muslims are willing to explore new countries if provided with guidance on Muslim-friendly experiences.

Mud orange’s complete study delves deeper into the cross-demographic analysis of British Muslims’ motivations, behaviour, and attitudes across travel and tourism, modest fashion, Islamic finance, Food & drink, and Health & Fitness. Offering invaluable insights for brands, destinations, and marketers aiming to engage this significant audience effectively.