UK: Brexit Britain ‘perfectly poised’ to take prime cut from Dubai’s booming meat market

EXCLUSIVE: Leading butcher, Tariq Sheikh, claims that the USP of British meat is freshness and with Brexit, we are now more suited to look for opportunities across the rest of the world, including the booming meat market in the Gulf.

By Oliver Pritchard-Jones – Express

Brexit Britain is “perfectly poised” to carve out a large section of the Gulf’s ever-growing meat market, a leading butcher has claimed.

The superior quality, freshness and high welfare standards of the UK’s meat put it “streets ahead” of its main international competitors, Tariq Sheikh said.

Mr Sheikh – who employs hundreds of people across his 28 Tariq Halal Meat stores – exported 10 tonnes of products including lamb, beef and chicken last year and expects this to grow substantially over the coming years.

The Wembley-based butcher – who has worked in the industry for more than 30 years – said the main selling point was its “freshness” because it can be on a shelf ready to sell within 72 hours of transportation ensuring its “nutrition and other aspects remain intact”.

This differs significantly from meat – much of which is frozen – which is sent from New Zealand and Australia.