UK Certification firm looking to give exporters to Middle East a boost

18 May 2021

A Midlands-based firm is hoping to give exporters a boost, after gaining accreditation to use their certification when shipping products to the Middle East.

The accreditation from the Gulf Accreditation Center (GAC), authorises the Birmingham-based firm Halal Certification Organisation (HCO) to issue its Halal certification on products being exported to the Middle East.

For any consumable product to be exported to Middle Eastern countries, especially in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman, authorities in those countries require Halal export certificates to be issued by a registered Halal certification body.

GAC is one of the major accreditation centres in the Middle East, and their accreditation is accepted by all Middle Eastern countries.

Halal certification means that food products have been prepared in line with Islamic dietary compliance laws.

Adeel Iqbal, head of Operations at HCO

For Midlands exporters, this means that their products, which are certified by HCO, will be cleared for export into the Middle East.

Adeel Iqbal, head of Operations at HCO, commented: “We are very excited to announce, that due to our constant efforts to improve our service and remarkable growth over the last year, we have managed to secure the Gulf accreditation.

“This creates the unique opportunity of a fairly convenient portal for companies to be able to export their products to a bigger market in the Middle East. In a challenging year, the dedicated team at HCO will continue to thrive and facilitate its services.”

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