UK: Collaboration of Halal Assure-IP and Romer Labs to provide Halal Assurance

Collaboration of Halal Assure-IP and Romer Labs will provide double layer of Halal Assurance to Industry and Consumer.

Collaboration LogoAssure-IP (UK) is proud to announce collaboration with Romer labs for DNA testing of products certified by Halal Assure-IP. Romer Labs is a leading provider of diagnostic solutions to ensure the highest quality standards at all stages of the Supply Chain in the agricultural, food and feed industry. Assure-IP certification system works on the principle of Identity Preservation (IP) i.e. every ingredient that goes into the making of the product is traced back to its source and its integrity is maintained throughout the Whole Supply Chain. By having a dedicated lab for testing of porcine DNA in products that are intended for the Halal market, Halal Assure-IP aims to make its Halal Certification more robust and credible. All products before being Halal certified will have their samples tested at Romer labs facility at Cheshire, UK which is UKAS accredited (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) and PCR testing for meat speciation is included within the scope of accreditation.

Mohammad Amir, chief executive, Assure-IP said, “In modern food processing systems different categories of products (Halal and non-Halal) may share the same commercial environment, which may inevitably lead to a risk of cross contamination. The key challenge is to make sure the Halal Integrity is not compromised at any stage of the supply chain. The recent issues of contamination of Halal products with pig DNA have deemed it mandatory to have a certification system that does not rely merely on inspection and monitoring but goes to molecular levels to ensure that the product is genuinely what it claims to be”.

Dario Deli, area manager, Romer Labs UK said, “The presence of pig species will be identified using PCR method. Romer Labs UK has a dedicated facility for ELISA and PCR analysis and utilizes state of the art instrumentation ensuring the highest confidence in the accuracy of results.”

Halal Assure-IP is the ONLY certification body in United Kingdom that has a dedicated lab to guarantee that products have not been cross-contaminated. This gives consumers a double a layer of assurance and confidence in our certification system.