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UK: European Halal Food Park is now open for Business!

| 01/02/2012 | 4 Replies

The European Halal Food Park is first of its kind and will be seen as the gateway to the Halal market

IGM and NPD Services have been working for over two years on the European Halal Food Park, the park is in its final stages of construction and ready to open its EU Licensed Factory for SME’s to come on board, the venture can expect to have a turnover of 15 million plus in the first year and has a number of committed partners and can be expected to be in full operation within the next six months.

The site in Banham was strategically sort out due to its ideal location situated less than 90 minutes from central London and has access to two of the largest European Muslim communities in Europe. The French market which has population of over 7million, and the UK market of approx. 4 million Muslims.

With the present climate of recession and unsuraties, this pilot project will allow the European Halal Food Park to open further halal food hubs in the other regions of the UK and the Norfolk plant will act as the central distribution hub. The jobs created will benefit all sections of the community; the European Halal Food Park will be strategically placed for other halal food companies to come on board.

Mr Ghulam Ghafoor Managing Director of Pak Supermarkets, Pak supermarkets Britain’s first main stream chain of halal supermarkets here in UK said: “we have been waiting for such a project, where we can purchase all our UK assured halal products manufactured in the UK, I for one am in favour of halal product which are with complete Shariah compliance ”

The first stage of the project has already been completed and is already operational, boasting a fully approved Halal Abattoir & Cutting Plant operated by Simply Halal which is 100% dedicated to supplying Non-Stun Halal Beef, Lamb & Mutton. NPD Services are working together with EEDA (East Anglia Development Agency) which will include, a central retail packing unit and a further processing unit focussed on manufacturing added value halal food products. The site already has a 300 pallet cold store and blast freezers which makes it ideal for Frozen food operations.

Mohammed Saleem, Policy Director for ANSA Said:  ‘He supports any scheme that benefits the Muslim community and the halal slaughter houses here in the UK by providing the Muslim community with assured 100% Non-Stun halal meat’.

For more information on the European Halal Food Park, please contact William Innes on 07786 993766 or email


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  1. Sean Young says:

    It is great that the halal food park is open and now I can be assured that I don’t have to be hunting for halal certified meat. It should have happened 10 years ago. Hope it will be everywhere so there is no doubt in my mind of the quality and credibility of the meat! Thanks Simply Halal!


  2. Erica says:

    So pleased that the Halal Food Park, is finally up and running!

    It is so importnant to be assured that all the products, that are manufactured on site will be genuine Halal, which is Non-Stunned.

  3. nurulhuda says:

    This is great & brilliant decision. European will be a center of middle place for business player from Eastern & Western. I would like to suggest since there is HALAL food park established in Banham, the service provider might interested to have Islamic bank or Islamic financing credit around the area for business player easily to manage their cashflow & instead of that may be Islamic instruments may able to take place such as Ar-Rahnu & Ijarah financing. Then, is not only HALAL food but buying & selling according to syariah compliance. Hopefully EU will recover its national economic crisis with the implementation of Syariah compliance.

  4. Erica says:

    I was really pleased to see that the beef animals and sheep are killed humanely and are not shot or stunned, when I visited the factory.

    I would like to thank William and Roger for the hopitality that they gave me, and I am really happy that the food park is now up and running!

    I was very impressed with the packed products, and the burgers were very tasty!

    It was the best burger that I have ever tasted!

    I look forward to my first delivery!

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