UK: Halal Baby food venture curries favour with leading retailers

By Paul Grinnell, Grantham Journal

A Grantham businessman’s long term venture to sell Halal curry babyfoods looks to have won favour with some major retailers.

Mark Salter, of Tissington Road, set up his firm forAisha three years ago and has just agreed a deal with

 Mark Salter of forAisha in Asda with Emma Roberston

Mark Salter of forAisha in Asda

supermarket giant Asda.

And he says that the agreement is not a one-off.

He has further orders for this year from Ocado, Boots, selected distributors and independents including Tree of Life and Whole Foods Market.

Mr Salter, who has 18 years’ experience in the food and drinks industry, says the venture is the first Halal baby food range in pouches in the UK.

He said the idea had been tried out on mums at nurseries in Grantham. But, he said, the most difficult part of the project had been persuading the France-based manufacturer the idea was sound.

The six varieties include Moroccan chicken tagine, Indian chicken and sweet potato curry, mild curried chicken dhal and Jamaican jerk chicken .

He said: “We create nutritious baby food, offering variety to broaden babies taste palates for muslim and non-muslim families.”

“The fact that our food is Halal means that muslim babies, who now account for around 10 per cent of the UK baby population, can also benefit from enjoying our dishes.”