UK: Halal Certification Organisation (HCO) offers quality you can trust

Halal Certification Organisation (HCO) offers quality that you can trust. HCO’s quality mark conforms to the halal requirements. They ensure the highest standard of product quality and hygiene, best manufacturing practices and high animal welfare standards. HCO is an independent halal certification body which uniquely comprises of a multitude of industry experienced professionals and experts in their disciplines who oversee the vision, progress and governance of the organisation. The Independent Halal Certification Advisory Board includes Islamic theologians, medical practitioners, veterinary surgeons, pharmacists, food technologists, microbiologists and a social scientist.

Exploring opportunities in the Halal industry is a strategic move, given the increasing demand for certified products. Now let’s discuss the potential and how HCO can assist businesses in tapping into this market. That accreditation and registration with MOAIT, SFDA, SASO, and other relevant authorities strengthen HCO’s credibility, facilitating smoother exports and regulatory compliance. It’s a valuable asset for businesses seeking global market penetration.

The strength of HCO’s training is ensured independently through a ‘Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training’ (CEHCT). HCO’ s goal is promoting education and awareness programmes within industry and with consumers.

Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training (CEHCT) has responsibility of Meeting Halal Standards for certification bodies as well as providing then with accredited learning programs and appraising them regularly.

We enhance the concept and understanding of the importance of Halal and Tayyab’s (humane, healthy and hygienic) concept for all consumable products aimed at all consumers.

These accredited courses and CPD workshops prepare management and operational staff to fulfil requirement for Halal certification, audit and accreditation standard based on an HACCP and quality management system’s approach.

HCO serves the Muslim community by providing halal product assurance from farm to fork through production staff training, trained inspectors, technical auditors and managers.

We promote and advocate evidence based practice in achieving our objectives. HCO is an investor in people and proactively contributes towards communities.