UK: Halalguide startup is now in South Yorkshire

Keep living Halal, keep living healthy

Sheffield, South Yorkshire: As the number of Muslim-related businesses in the UK increase and halal products and services, meeting high quality and environmental standards, become phenomenally popular, Halalguide, a fast expanding Muslim-related category search engine, announced that they have started including halal-certified businesses, located in the South Yorkshire area, in their website and phone application. Since its inception in 2010, Halalguide has integrated 20 categories within its app, from Hotels and Restaurants to Radio Stations and Mosques, in order to help Muslims, and those non-Muslim individuals adopting the Muslim lifestyle, to effortlessly reach their favorite halal destinations.

About the digital platform’s sustained expansion to South Yorkshire, Halalguide GM Ayub Bulat said:

‘Having realized that finding a Muslim prayer spot when travelling or a halal supermarket while being local had been quite complicated, we started up Halalguide in 2010. Now, 7 years later, our 500,000+ monthly visitors, 200,000 downloaders and 1,400 Play Store users can handily find popular halal destinations in more than 100 countries. Hereafter, South Yorkshire’s Muslim- lifestyle businesses and individuals become part of Halalguide’s near- global community.’

Halalguide has built a digital ecosystem irreplaceable for every Muslim-minded individual. The app is interactive, allowing users to act as volunteers by adding halal places and reviews to Halalguide’s database, thus receiving bonus points.

In addition, the app uses the visitors’ location, informing them about restaurants, cafes, mosques, clothing shops and supermarkets nearby, even finding the direction of Qibla.

It also provides the opportunity to Live Chat with the Imam, receive Muslim news, earn cashback, or find Muslim-lifestyle-friendly jobs. The Halalguide app is extremely easy to use, since its 3 Flag System differentiates between places according to their halal status.