UK: HFF Launches Halal Compliance Training

HFAThe Halal Food Authority’s (HFA) charitable arm – Halal Food Foundation (HFF) – launches halal compliance training courses accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

We are proud to announce that the HFA’s charitable arm, the Halal Food Foundation (who are committed to educating the community and wider industries on all issues pertaining to health and halal related issues), has launched courses designed to educate industry personnel on the varying facets of halal and how best to comply with halal guidelines in order to secure, provide and maintain good commercial relationships with the ever-expanding halal industry.

These courses are assured by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and will be delivered by our training consultant Dr Peter Sheard alongside our panel of an Islamic scholar experienced Food Scientist or a qualified auditor. Our range of courses have been specifically designed and suitably tailored to address issues pertaining to halal compliance in a variety of sectors (including schools, prisons, hotels, restaurants, meat and poultry industry, dairy industry, confectionery industry, enforcement officers, inspectors and more).

Addressing issues such as the basic principles of Islam and halal, the magnitude of the halal market, halal food labelling, halal compliance and its achievability, Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP), food fraud and more, both the HFA and HFF are confident that these courses will become a pre-requisite for establishments and / or organisations who are looking to either enter into or enhance their presence in the global halal industry.

These courses will be running throughout the year; for costs and schedules or for more information contact or see our blog post here: