UK: HMC and Halal Now Team up to Deliver a Halal Online Food Ordering Platform

Great news! You have asked for it and we have delivered. The HMC mobile app

Over the past several years, HMC have received several requests from both its certified members and its supporters for HMC to implement an online food ordering solution.

HMC have therefore teamed up with Halal Now who have successfully operated their food ordering platform globally inclusive of Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and now here in the UK teaming with HMC to provide a cost-effective solution. Halal now is providing this amazing marketplace solution on behalf of HMC and have ownership of the entire process.

Following a phased approach, users can now download the HMC app on both IOS and Android devices and locate their nearest HMC certified shops. In the coming weeks, members of the public will be able to order from their local shops, including restaurants, takeaways, and butchers with the added confidence that the food being ordered is HMC certified.

HMC requests members of the community to support this project and support their local HMC certified shops.

Happy ordering and we thank the entire community for supporting HMC’s Halal campaign.

Download your app here: