UK: Is HMC becoming a bit too successful?

Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) logoHMC, the Halal Monitoring Committee, has been something of a boon for Muslims in the UK. Before the credible organisation took root in Muslim areas and began to proactively monitor and regulate the halal meat industry in the UK, one could not actually be sure whether the meat being sold as ‘halal’ was actually halal; or that it met the stringent demands of being Halal, from cradle to plate. Expose after expose of malpractice and profiteering, by unscrupulous business men, had led many Muslims to either leave eating meat altogether, or feel deeply suspicious and apprehensive whenever eating meat.

So when the HMC label started appearing on shop windows, Muslims then knew with confidence, that a high level of scrutiny was taking place, by a credible organisation and they were willing to pay the difference in cost for peace of mind. Many Muslims will now ONLY eat at HMC certified outlets, or outlets that source their meat from the HMC abattoirs and slaughterhouses; due to their trust in the brand and firm knowledge that it is not a profit driven organisation, manned largely by volunteers and overlooked by a body of authentic scholars.

So reports in the BBC of HMC bullying shops come as a surprise to many Muslims, given their reputation and standing within the community.

Now herein lies a problem, at first many meat shops and fast food outlets shunned HMC as a fad and refused to pay the paltry sum demanded, but when foot flow began to go elsewhere, a few began to change their mind and paid up. However, others have now began to ‘FAKE’ the HMC status, by having either amateur signs, or telling their customers that they are HMC certified, when they are not. Many cases of this have been uncovered in recent months.

HMC however, deny that they have been involved in any kind of bullying tactics or shaming retailers. There is no evidence other than statements by greedy, disgruntled shopkeepers who may not want to pay a few extra pence per chicken, or those disgusting retailers who deliberately try to pass haram meat for halal, and are now being found out.

MPACUK is not afraid of naming and shaming people, groups, organisations, shops or date sellers, who exchange principle for profit, the Ummah for a quick buck, so we say this:

If you know of a shop faking HMC status, or selling dubious meat products as Halal, email us with proof and we will do what HMC are too polite to do: EXPOSE these money grabbing hypocrites.