UK: Malaysia Showcase Exhibitors Heading out from Kuala Lumpur to London

LONDON – A total of 14 companies will be showcasing their Halal goods and services from an innumerable range of sectors, including banking, tourism, fashion, food and beverage and education. The initial itinerary would include two (2) days’ worth of events and the trip from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to London Heathrow Airport will take roughly 13 hours.

According to the Malaysia Showcase Chairperson, Ms. Hema Kandy, the Malaysia Showcase provides an opportunity for trade delegations to further explore business potential related to the Halal sectors in the region of Europe. “I am so excited that Malaysia Showcase will be participating in the Halal Expo London 2022 because they aspire to promote Halal industry by providing greater opportunities to businesses to represent their products and services to potential buyers and trade partners across the globe”, she said.

She added that “The 2-day event would enable many new emerging creative minds to gain profound knowledge on what would enhance their capabilities of related agenda.”

My Events International is taking this opportunity to bring Malaysian companies on a smaller scale to maximize their benefit from the expo. The size of the pavilion will be 100sq/m consisting of 4sq/m for each booth.

Over the years, MATRADE has assisted numerous Malaysian businesses that are prepared to export their goods and services to both the domestic and global markets. One of the programmes launched by MATRADE was the Market Development Grant (MDG), which was intended to encourage more Malaysian businesses to grow. With the help of this programme, more and more newly established Malaysian SMEs are able to enter a new market with high- quality goods and services that can compete internationally.

For the very first time, My Events International will be organising Malaysia Showcase at the Halal Expo London 2022. The Halal Expo London is scheduled to take place at the International Convention Centre in Excel, London from 1 – 3 December 2022.

About Halal Expo London 2022

Halal Expo London 2022 is the UK’s first International Government-to-Government, Business-to-Business and Consumer Halal Trade ShowTheir goal is to inform British businesses and consumers that ethics and sustainability are at the core of the Halal Economy. It showcases and sells to over 10,000 visitors. There will be more than 300 exhibitors, offering the latest products and services for the Halal Market. There will also be a conference and exhibitions throughout the Halal Expo London 2022.