UK: Meat sector ponders over potential development of Halal Assurance standards

AHDB is currently considering introducing assurance standards for both stunned and traditional AHDB-beef-lambHalal sheep meat.

100 delegates from across the supply chain attended the event AHDB  Beef & Lamb Halal seminar in Stratford-Upon-Avon in February to hear from expert speakers and find out more about the opportunities offered by this growing market.

At the seminar, AHDB Beef & Lamb Head of Global Supply Chain Development Dr Phil Hadley outlined the organisation’s proposed assurance standards for halal sheep meat and asked attendees to submit their views.

He said: “AHDB is considering introducing assurance standards for both stunned and traditional Halal sheep meat. This is something we originally proposed in 2013, but at the time results of our consultation showed that industry opinion was divided.

“However, the halal sector has moved on significantly since then, therefore it’s the right time to revisit this discussion and seek industry views.”

‘Huge opportunities exist’
Mike Richardson, AHDB Beef & Lamb Independent Sector Retail Manager, said the domestic UK Halal market is ‘increasing in size’.
He said: “Huge opportunities exist for the trade to further increase sales by offering products that better suit the needs of the modern Muslim shopper.
“These include products such as the mini roasting joints which are being promoted as part of our current advertising campaign.
“We continue to conduct consumer research to examine attitudes and decision making among Muslim customers when purchasing meat.
“This will help us focus future activity on supporting the sector, underlining our commitment to developing opportunities for Halal and maximising opportunities for the entire supply chain.”