UK: No Horsing Around with ANSA

ANSA Press Release

The current scandalous fraud involving the contamination of beef-labelled products with horsemeat and pork DNA found in prison meals, clearly demonstrates that there are unscrupulous people in the food industry who will SINK to any level in order to make big bucks. However, the Non stunned meat industry is unscathed by such reprehensible contamination through counterfeit beef.

All ANSA (Association of Non Stun Abbatoirs) member abattoirs where the slaughter of Non Stun halal beef, lamb and poultry takes place are licensed and regulated by the Department of Environmant, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) .

The assurance that ANSA can give unsuspecting Muslims is that we can guarantee that all meat slaughtered at members abattoirs are inline with both Islamic law and  as defined in the definition of statuary law: Food for Jews and Muslims without stunning:

ANSA confirms that all animal are slaughtered halal and are also Halal.

A point to note that members business as increased during the whole saga of horse meat scare, where as the mainstream business maybe looking to put trust back or build confidence we as a matter of fact gained by more Muslims asking for the prophetic method of slaughter which is stun free by default.

The Association of Non-Stun Abattoirs (ANSA) Ltd in addition to highlighting and assisting the stakeholders, urges the Government to deliver on its own “Guidance Note on Halal Food Issues” provided by Ms Sarah Appleby, Head of Enforcement and Local Authority Delivery Davison. It contains assurance to the communities and accepts the seriousness of the importance of Halal products labelling and  to counter misrepresentation and mislabelling.

ANSA believes the recent discovery to be the tip of the iceberg as our sources point out the problem to be even bigger and wider only for the financial gains of a few of those who have no respect for the religion, or its  values and the law.

The protection and provision is clearly enshrined in the WASK 1995 regulations. The on-going confusion is self-serving to mis-users of the system.

The right to sell and label Halal and Kosher is only given to those who follow religious method of slaughter under WASK 1995 i.e. non-stun way. There are no two ways about it and those who misconstrue it do for keeping the confusion alive to make a few more bucks.

ANSA has been lobbying the FSA and LA adopt its own ‘GUIDANCE NOTE ON HALAL FOOD ISSUES’  since the its inception

“What is halal or haram is not the business of DEFRA. What is the business of DEFRA is the method of slaughter.

Religious Slaughter is defined as slaughter without pre stunning under the exemption for Jews and Muslims. That is what we need to clarify. So, why is slaughter which is stunned called Religious Slaughter. It contradicts the definition.”

ANSA is dismayed  why FSA is refusing to adapt these guidelines. This problem would not have happened if the guidance  note on halal food issues was followed.

ANSA is spearheading the  campaign and encouraging all British communities to demand British meat only British halal meat , whereby the British farmers have full trace ability from farm to fork.

We Believe this the only way to safe guard our food industry and we can clearly see  the importance of our industry .

Buying local produce makes sense for lots of reasons:

it’s fresher, helps the local economy, and contributes to the growth of the nation’s economy and by choosing British you will be playing your part in helping to protecting our great farming industry and all that it delivers.

For the multiple to gain creditably they have the power to ensure and demand that only British meat is on sale throughout their outlets.