UK: Pioneering Digital Magazine ‘Halal Gems’ To Launch

HG-mag02-150x150With dining and eating out becoming increasingly popular, the launch of first ever premium interactive digital magazine for halal-conscious diners, Halal Gems, is poised to make a huge mark on the luxury halal lifestyle industry.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Zohra Khaku, 31, started the organisation after conducting market research in the field. She discovered that one thing people who live a halal conscious lifestyle want to learn more about is a new avenue for fine food and dining, therefore tapping into a market with a need for access to information and specifically ideas for where to find interesting halal food experiences. She says,

“Halal conscious diners deserve a high end publication, beautifully designed and technologically innovative. Our food culture is an essential part of who we are. Food truly brings us together and is the means through which we share with each other. Halal foodies are searching for high quality, interesting and innovative food. We are proud to provide dining guides and a place for them to share their experiences. We are excited about raising the bar in the halal food lifestyle sector.”

Halal Gems began as a restaurant finder in the UK, allowing diners to discover halal restaurants and leave reviews. The idea of expanding into an actual digital magazine came as they had gained a significant amount of knowledge about the halal restaurant industry. Zohra, who is a former strategy consultant and teacher, intends for Halal Gems to be the go-to place for global halal foodies. She has joined forces with distinguished Australia-based Islamic designer, Peter Gould, to create the branding. He said,

“To me Halal Gems represents all that is exciting about this space – passion, energy, vibrancy and a celebration of beautiful halal food & dining. It has been a blessing so far and I am very excited for Muslim foodies around the planet to enjoy Halal Gems.”

The interactive magazine has teams based in London, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, and will be available on the Apple, Android and Kindle platforms. It will be accessible online, and include a restaurant finder for halal restaurants. Information will initially be for London and Dubai, expanding worldwide soon after. It is aimed at the educated halal-conscious diner in the UK, UAE and across the world, who is affluent, looks for great foodie experiences, and spends more of their income on food.

The inaugural issue includes interviews with world renowned chef Norman Mousa, chocolate entrepreneur Asif Walli of the Duke of Delhi and a ‘foodie’ interview with celebrated artist Siddiqa Juma. Readers will also be treated to a feature on where to find halal afternoon tea in London, and an insight into cutting edge artists who work with food, including Henry Hargreaves and Sam Bompas and Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr.

This exciting high-end digital experience will be more than any sophisticated food lover could ask for, giving a new meaning to “fine dining”.

Halal Gems will launch on 30 October 2014.