UK: Premium Halal Brand Introduces Frozen Products in Tesco

Brunei HalalGhanim International UK Limited have, for the past year, been establishing the premium brand Brunei Halal within in the UK, by extensively investing in their NPD department located at the new manufacturing plant in Birmingham in order to bring new innovative branded products to the market

They have conducted focus groups across the UK in a bid to develop products that no other competitor is offering, whilst also investing time in product benchmarking against their main competitors.

Ghanim International UK Limited believes in implementing gold standard methods and procedures to ensure the products they offer are of the highest standard. A key focus and long term strategy for Ghanim International UK Limited has been to combine quality assured British meat with innovative products. Their primary focus has been to meet the demands of the 2nd and 3rd generation Muslim consumers by developing premium halal products that can be readily available within their local retailer’s stores.

With two frozen microwaveable snacks already in Tesco stores across the UK, Ghanim International UK Limited were able to extend their Brunei Halal range by announcing that their two new latest frozen products will also be made available in Tesco stores nationwide. The Chilli Nacho Chicken Drumstick and the Garlic Butter Chicken Kiev are now available on the shelves in over 42 Tesco stores.

Dr Mohammad Nazir OBE, the CEO of Ghanim International UK Limited, began talks with senior management at Tesco more than a year ago and has seen the partnership flourish with the range now being expanded into chilled products.

“We responded to Tesco’s challenge for more innovative products” he said.“Our brand has been recognised as having strength by sourcing British local produce and high level of Halal integrity, quality and presentation. I feel really excited that Tesco has been able to see our vision in reaching out to the 2nd and 3rd Muslim consumer in the UK.”

Tesco are one of the leading superstores within the UK and they understand that there is a fast growing market for meat products for the halal consumer.

The Company are dedicated to listening to what its consumer wants first and foremost. They as a brand are constantly striving to offer complete halal assurance, ensuring there is quality and traceability from farm to family.

Ghanim International UK Limited have the finger on the pulse and staying right at the forefront of producing new and innovative products!