UK: Muslims of all major branches of Islam sign “Birmingham Declaration”

Birmingham, once known as the city of a thousand trades, over the years has become the multicultural hub of Europe. On Saturday, 2nd of June, Birmingham Central Masjid had the pride to host a unique Conference to promote confidence in Halal Food, especially with regard to Halal Meat and Poultry.

Birmingham hosted this ground breaking conference, uniting  Imams, scholars, political and community leaders and stakeholder from across the UK, under the banner of defending the Prophetic method of Zabihah (hand slaughter).

The meeting consisted of Muslims from all major branches of Islam – Sunni, Shia and Ahlehadith showing their Unity for an Islamic Cause.

All the Speakers were notably brief and to the point with one message “Muslims will not accept anything other than The Prophetic method of Zabihah to be Halal (non Stun).”

The meeting unanimously agreed on and endorsed the “Birmingham Declaration”

on the following points:

  • “Muslims are grateful to successive governments for the exemption with regard to slaughter by religious methods in schedule 21 and 22 of part IV of the 1995 legislation* in which, no.5 (which relates to the stunning and killing of animals) shall not apply to any animal which is slaughtered in accordance with schedule 12 (which relates to slaughter by religious method).
  • The Muslim and the Jewish community are concerned that there are relentless attempts by some vocal pressure groups to force the government to do away with this highly valued exemption on the unfounded pretence that religious slaughter (without stunning) causes more pain.
  • Muslims reject these views and maintain that no other method of slaughter of animals could be more humane than the religious method of slaughter when standards are scrupulously implemented.
  • The British Muslim community will refuse to accept any attempts to change the current legislation, and as a community it is determined to ensure strict adherence to halal standards.
  • The meeting agreed to establish a UK Halal Commission with representatives from all segments of British Muslim community” the Bimingham Declaration was then signed”.

The success of the event was due to the collective efforts of the Association of Non Stun Abattoirs(ANSA), Bradford Council for Masjids (BCM), Birmingham Central Mosque (BCM), Ghamkol Sheriff Masjid Birmingham and Muslim Council 0f Britain (MCB). They discussed concerns over forthcoming legislation changes that may have detrimental  impact on the prophetic method of slaughter, especially in light of continued attempts by some pressure groups who are lobbying the Government to do away with the current exemptions Muslims and the Jewish Community who have to slaughter without the use of pre-stunning.

ANSA has been running a campaign for the last year to raise awareness and bring together people from all over the country, and indeed internationally. The culmination of our meetings and contacts up and down the country has been the recognition of the necessity to have a unified approach to tackling this issue.

By the grace of Almighty Allah we have had success in our campaign and as a result we now have agreement from a number of national organisations on the need to get together and devise a joint strategy.

UK Halal Commission has been welcomed by all sections of the Muslim community.

Molana Israr Hussain Kazmi M.U.S.E (Majlis-E- ulama Shia Europe)….said, “This historical event which has united all section of the Muslim community under the banner of UK Halal Commission will only lead to a good outcome”.

The first meeting of this unique organisation will take place in Bradford, hosted by Bradford Council for Masjids, in the next few weeks (date to be confirmed) to select office bearers.

Mohammed Saleem

Direct:07968 101817