UK: Tamese&Jackson launches with three unisex ranges

tjl_all_01Sapona is pleased to announce the launch of Tamese&Jackson, a premium brand of wholesome (tayyib) personal care products, ethically produced in the first large-scale halal-certified factory in United Kingdom.
The brand launches with hand soap, hand lotion, shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner and is aimed at, although not exclusively, young modern Muslims who value their tradition and heritage as well as having a keen appreciation for contemporary design, style and quality.
Tamese&Jackson is immediately distinctive due to its skilful fusion of traditional and contemporary design and ingredients. Its packaging uses eye-catching traditional Islamic patterns which have been given a fresh twist. The brand’s collaboration with leading global fragrance houses has helped it create compelling scents using both Middle Eastern and Western ingredients.
Tamese&Jackson launches with three unisex ranges; Lime&Reyhan
(with added extract of ginger), Orchid Blue (with added extract of papaya) and
Mint Noir (with added extract of aloe vera).
Being halal certified, every Tamese&Jackson product is free from alcohol (ethanol), pork and all other animal-based ingredients and is produced entirely free from animal cruelty. All our products are GMO and paraben-free.
The range is currently available in selected TESCO stores UK as well as
and Amazon.
For further information, please contact Armen Saboonchian at:
Sapona Limited on: +44(0)20 8566 8478 or by email on