US Halal Meat Company in trouble

US Halal Meat Company in trouble

MOHAMMED Fayyez Hayat, the owner of American Halal Meat Processors Inc,
has appeared in court in Texas, where he pleaded guilty to numerous
charges of dishonesty.

The case stems from loans taken out by the company, for improvements to
their abattoir in Texas, the loans were obtained by means of deception.

It appears. according to the indictment, that the loans were obtained
for a business in Minnesota, whereas in reality, the money was used on
the abattoir in Texas.

The charges of false pretenses and deception, as well as wire fraud,
could carry a prison term of 30 years and/or a million dollar fine.

The company is still operating, Hayat will be sentenced later this
month, the plea of guilty, means that there will be no appeal process.