USA: Are Companies Ready to Tap into the Growing Global Muslim Market?

The Fifth American Muslim Consumer Conference (AMCC) will be held at the Double Tree, Newark, NJ on Saturday, November 15th, 2014.

amcc-logo-201443% of Americans now believe there are good opportunities for entrepreneurship, up by more than 20% since 2011, according to Forbes ( Yet only 12% of American entrepreneurs tap into clientele abroad ( Since its inception in 2008, the American Muslim Consumer Conference has played a key role in fostering awareness about the American Muslim market, and this year, the conference theme focuses on the opportunities in the global Muslim market.

With a value of $3 trillion and an estimated 1.8 billion people whose consumption choices are ruled by their faith, the market is beginning to be noticed by companies around the world. Yet there continues to be a lack of understanding from American businesses about the potential found within the global Muslim market.

AMCC’s keynote speaker reflects the conference commitment to a more in-depth conversation about entrepreneurship and the rising influence of Islamic and ethical capital. Magatte Wade, the Founder and CEO of Tiossan, a high-end skin care products line, is a global entrepreneur working to change the perception of Africa. Forbes recognized her innovative work, when they identified her as one of the “20 Youngest Power Women in Africa.” In 2014, she received the “Leading Woman in Wellness” award from the Global SPA and Wellness Summit, a premiere international organization working to positively impact and shape the future of the global spa and wellness industries.

In keeping with the globally conscious entrepreneurial theme, AMCC boasts an array of speakers who bring their global experience and skills to the forefront of conversation. This year, AMCC will be awarding $10,000 to the winner of the Entrepreneur Showcase. In this pitching panel, five young companies were selected to pitch their business plan to a panel of judges, including a venture capitalist and accomplished entrepreneurs.

AMCC is proud to be sponsored by a variety of dynamic companies, including Saffron Road, Amana Mutual Funds Trust,, American Lamb, Johnson & Johnson, Sharia Portfolio, Barkaat Capital, SprinJene, Noor Vitamins, Strategic Realty Solutions, and Elevation Burger. Through the support of these companies, AMCC can continue discussing the unprecedented growth rates in the American Muslim Consumer space.
With this year’s more global perspective, it is the hope of AMCC to promote conversation and action around the opportunities present globally.

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About the American Muslim Consumer Consortium
American Muslim Consumer Consortium (AMCC) is a non-profit corporation (501-c3) registered in the state of New Jersey. The tax exempt status of American Muslim Consumer Consortium is pending with Internal Revenue Service. The objective of AMCC is to develop the American Muslim Consumer Market by addressing the needs of American Muslim Consumers and empower businesses that are developing products for this market.