USA: East Coast expansion for Crescent Foods

More consumers get easy access to Crescent Foods’ Halal and tayyib products

In response to a sizeable and growing demand on the East Coast, Crescent Foods, the leading provider of premium Halal chicken, is now available in retail stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.

“We are excited to be able to provide Halal and tayyib chicken to consumers on the East Coast,” said Joohi Tahir, Vice President of Marketing at Crescent Foods. “It makes our hard work worthwhile when we know we can bring our Halal “farm to fork” philosophy to more dinner tables across the country.”

Crescent Foods market research has shown that once consumers try Crescent chicken, they can taste the difference of how chickens that are raised cage-free and fed a 100% vegetarian diet without antibiotics translate into more wholesome meals.

“Ever since I returned from the ISNA Convention, I have been telling all my friends how they can pick up Crescent chicken at our local Walmart,” said Habeeba Hussein from Somerdale, New Jersey. “I am a big advocate of telling others how Halal isn’t limited to just the slaughter of animals, but how they are also raised and fed.”

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