USA: Farmer Focus Halal-Certified Organic Chicken Available as Ramadan Begins

HARRISONBURG, Va., March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)Farmer Focus, the only 100% USDA organic and Humane Certified® chicken company with a mission to promote and protect generational family farms, provides Halal-certified products for Ramadan celebrations and all year. Farmer Focus products are Halal-Certified by ISWA* providing consumers with an elevated culinary option for their Ramadan traditions. Farmer Focus’ Halal-certified products are available at select retailers and with online retail partners like Crowd Cow, enabling consumers to receive products delivered to their doorstep. Halal-certified Farmer Focus products are also available for industrial and food service channels in a variety of cuts and packaging options.

Ramadan is a time for reflection, fasting, and spiritual growth observed from March 22 through April 21, 2023. Each evening, observers break their daily fast with iftar, the meal eaten after sunset during Ramadan. When breaking this fast, participants choose Halal foods, which are foods considered permissible under Islamic law.**

“We are excited to see our partners embrace a growing and diverse population requesting Halal-certified chicken products,” said Kathryn Tuttle, Chief Commercial Officer at Farmer Focus. As consumers become more conscientious about their food, health, and the environment, Halal-certified foods are taking center stage. The Halal food product category is seeing strong momentum, with demand for Halal-certified foods expanding rapidly and an expected compound annual growth rate in the United States of 5.6% (CAGR) by 2032.*** Halal foods must not contain pork, alcohol, intoxicants, harmful ingredients, unsanitary elements, and poisons. While Farmer Focus chicken products are Halal certified, the company allows retailers to choose which certifications are included on the pricing label, so the official Halal certification may not appear on every package of chicken.

“Halal-certified chicken hasn’t widely been available at regular supermarkets prior to Farmer Focus which limited the availability of Halal meat for those who don’t live near a specialty butcher,” said Shadi HasanzadeNemati, Farmer Focus consumer and blogger at Unicorns in the Kitchen. “It’s so much more convenient in the month of Ramadan to shop at your local supermarket for all your ingredients and not go to several stores. I like that Farmer Focus offers so many high-quality cuts, which really expands my options. It gives me the opportunity to try different recipes from wings to grilled kebabs, one pan chicken and rice, and so much more.”

“As consumers plan their meals throughout Ramadan, Halal-certified Farmer Focus Organic Chicken makes meal preparation easy, especially with our pre-seasoned line of products,” said Sean McLendon, Farmer Focus Vice President of Research and Development and a James Beard nominated chef. “With Farmer Focus, consumers don’t have to choose between Halal, humane, or organic; they can have all the attributes important to them to create recipes to enjoy during Ramadan.”