USA: First Crowd Based Online TV for Islamic Finance & Halal Sectors

Leveraging the power of crowd and mobile optimized digital infrastructure, IECON TV aims to promote Islamic Economy sectors to existing and new markets globally.

YurizkNewark, DE, Yurizk, the US based leading Islamic Finance education and information dissemination digital platform announced today its launch of IECON TV, the first crowd based online tv dedicated for Islamic Finance and halal sectors. IECON TV will provide the easiest and fastest way to disseminate information on the rapidly growing Islamic Economy around the world in video format. The digital platform is the first of its kind social tv for Islamic Finance and halal sectors that is designed to leverage the power of crowd to promote Islamic Economy sectors to the existing and new markets globally. With IECON TV, stakeholders in Islamic Finance and Halal industries will have an easily accessible reference point to visualize the development, information about new brands and new initiatives, pre and post event video reports all within the Islamic Economy sectors. The platform will also provide a level playing field for new entrepreneurs in the halal industries to showcase their brands in video infomercial format.

“We are thrilled to launch this new digital platform for Islamic Economy,” said Sadia Karim, Yurizk Founder and CEO. “Islamic Economy is growing at an unprecedented rate at this moment and according to industry analysts the global Islamic Economy is set to become US$3.73 trillion by the year 2019. The initiatives to market, promote, educate, and inform about these growing sectors to potential new markets are still limited to conferences, expos, and written press release formats. According to mainstream marketing analysts, video contents are expected to dominate the digital world in upcoming years. In the mainstream media there are dedicated tv channels for food, fashion, news, business and finance, travel, innovations, and more but there was no dedicated broadcasting media specifically for halal food, modest clothing, halal tourism, and halal pharmaceuticals. IECON TV will bridge that information, marketing and PR gap.”

The online tv has five dedicated channels for five Islamic Economy sectors: Islamic Finance, Halal Food, Halal Tourism, Healthcare, and Modest Clothing.

IECON TV is a crowd based or social tv which allows organizations and freelance reporters operating within halal economic sectors to publish their video contents on the respective channels to promote their brands.

“There are good amount of video contents in the publicly available domains, but those are all scattered and not easily accessible. What we are trying to do is to aggregate all those scattered contents and organize them categorically and also offering new and existing brands a focused distribution channel for their video contents which we hope will create a greater impact in encouraging SMEs and in the overall growth of global Islamic Economy,” said Yurizk founder.

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