USA: ISA Receives GAC Halal Accreditation & ISO 17065 Certification

Islamic Services of America (ISA) has received its formal Halal Product Certification accreditation for GSO 2055-2 by the GCC Accreditation Center (GAC) based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This accreditation demonstrates technical competency in Quality Management Systems, ISO standards and established international Halal standards.

ISA is a Halal certification organization that works with domestic and international manufacturers to certify their consumable and non-consumable products for Muslims and other Halal consumers.  This in turn benefits manufacturers, distributors and trade partners who play a key role as net exporters of food products to restore and strengthen the global supply chain.

Having Halal certification can provide manufacturers and food processors with a competitive edge over businesses that do not have certification. It allows them to cater to a larger customer base through market expansion. The global Halal food and beverage market is vast; with over 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide, many of whom consume Halal products. Halal certification facilitates entry into international markets and access to food consumers who make up nearly a quarter of the world’s population.

The awarded GAC accreditation is a significant milestone for ISA as it further expands its global recognition by high profile Halal governing bodies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the World Halal Food Council (WHFC) consisting of over 50organizations in more than 35 countries.

Mr. Jalel Aossey, President of ISA, assessed and summarized this accomplishment by saying, “ISA continues with its decades long expertise to address matters most relevant to the growth of the global Halal market. As an organizational achievement, this accreditation is a further recognition of the excellent team of people at ISA who are among the leaders in the Halal industry and committed to addressing the needs of the rapidly expanding Halal marketplace.”

Concurrently, ISA received its ISO 17065 conformity assessment accreditation for the certification of products, services and processes from A2LA, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, based in Frederick, Maryland.