USA: ISNA to Establish a US Halal Accredition Board

American Halal Association developed consensus at the American Muslim Consumer Conference (AMCC) this past weekend that the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will establish a US Halal Accreditation Board to serve the interests of US consumers and businesses.

The significance of this is that a large market sector, identified by Ogilvy & Mather at AMCC, will have certainty that their Halal products are standardized, certified, and regulated for the protection of the consumer.

The global Muslim purchasing power has been estimated at $2.1 trillion, but the global market seeks verification about the integrity of US Halal products and services.  Development of this market is in America’s best interest, as it should create employment and economic vitality.

We are very pleased that this initiative has begun and we look forward to ISNA and American Halal Association attending the World Halal Forum Europe next week in London.

American Halal Association provides:
· A voice for the American Halal industries
· Mediation between consumers, producers of Halal products, services and
· Education and research resources for business development
· Promotion for the integrity of Halal products/services
· A platform for working with global NGO’s, embassies and other related agencies to
promote global Halal Standards and regulate exports and imports of Halal products

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