USA: New Gift Guide Features Islamic Gifts for Easy Halal Shopping

Fort Wayne, IN. Saturday – July 23, 2011 — The first ever Eid Gift Guide makes halal shopping easy for Muslims everywhere. Find Islamic gifts ( ) made by and for Muslims that feature strict halal permissible products appropriate for the entire family at

Ramadan, the annual Islamic holy month of fasting, will begin in early August this year. At the end of the month, is a three-day event called Eid, Arabic for festival or feast. The festival brings Muslim families together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate. Many Muslims give gifts or money to their loved ones. However, finding halal, permissible gifts or Islamic items in stores and online has been a difficult task, especially for those living in non-Muslim countries.

American Muslim Mom, Ponn Sabra, decided to fill this void with the first ever Online Eid Gift Guide ( ) – one stop halal shopping to for Islamic gifts.

Advertisers featured on the guide have a thumbnail image of their product that links to the site where it can be purchased. Sabra who is Muslim, personally approved each of the listings to assure strict halal permissible products. All images are kid-friendly so parents can know that it’s safe for their children to spend their ‘adiya, Eid money to shop online.

“I wanted to showcase halal products not readily available at mainstream stores,” says Sabra. She uses many of the products (like the Muslim doll that was named after her) with her own family. The site has already been successful in connecting Muslims and advertisers. One advertiser wrote the following: “Your Eid Gift Guide is truly working – my sales spiked yesterday!” A buyer shared, “I love the idea!…a reminder for Muslim customers to make the most of our festivals and use it as an opportunity to exchange gifts amongst friends and family. I have seen all too often that Eid becomes another working day and nothing more because it’s too inconvenient to celebrate with the lack of resources for Muslims.”

Featured in the guide are Islamic gifts ( ) for:
* Children – toys, games, books, magazines, Islamic clothing
* Women – make-up, Islamic clothing, natural skincare products
* Men – beard care products, Islamic attire
* The home – halal snacks and food items, Eid decorations, art pieces
* Friends and family overseas – greeting cards

With their shopping lists covered, Muslims will be free to focus their attention on worship during the holy month of Ramadan while being more than satisfied with the Islamic gifts they have purchased through the online Eid Gift Guide.

Note to Potential Advertisers
The online Eid Gift Guide is intended to offer economical advertising options to Muslim and Muslim-friendly entrepreneurs and small businesses during [Islamic] festivals. Advertisers are still being accepted through Eid al-Adha, the second festival in the Islamic year for Muslims (this year, it will fall in November). Ads will remain on the site year round, so the halal shopping need not be limited to just the times of Eid.

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About the Eid Gift Guide & @PonnSabra:
The Online Eid Gift Guide – Halal Shopping Made Easy was founded by Ponn Sabra, the owner and founder of the #1 ranked online community for Muslim parents, American Muslim Mom.

Ponn Sabra, a highly-prolific public health official, turned best-selling author, Internet marketer and columnist. Featured in the Associated Press, Washington Post, Fox, ABC News and other major media outlets, she offers tips about marriage, motherhood, money, traveling, homeschooling and shares her free ebook “Balancing Life as a Muslim Mom” at Her other projects include,, and

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