Webinar: Improving food safety with trusted knowledge exchange and AI

Faith-based food safety in food security matters. Every government should look at their food security framework as a matter of national security.

In this webinar, link below, we will be sharing the importance of tackling barriers in cross-border trade in the trillion dollar faith-based food sector. There will be a special focus on our mission at OneAgrix in the halal food sector.

We are arming the global halal supply chain by harnessing the power of data, together with OriginTrail/Trace Labs and digitalisation to reduce the increasing food scandals while empowering a transparent digital B2B trading environment.

Together with my esteemed panelists, you will learn how we leverage relevant best-in-class technologies via strategic partnerships to win the war against food fraud; and realising our collective vision of safeguarding food in the global food supply-chain.

After OneAgrix’s, WEF2023 duties at Davos where there was a focus on food systems, this webinar is timely to spotlight some of the challenges. Now is the time to push for collaborative solutions for what you will discover moving forward.

Watch the webinar recording