Welcome to Nature’s Bounty All-Natural Halal Meat Farm!

Welcome to Nature’s Bounty All-Natural Halal Meat Farm!

Nature’s Bounty is a family-owned farm/CA state inspected meat facility in Vacaville,

California that offers all-natural, farm-fresh Halal lamb, goat, and beef. All animals are

naturally fed, without the use of hormones or chemicals, and are treated humanely.

A non-commercial farm, Nature’s Bounty is set up for friendly and informative

person to person transactions. Customers are encouraged to bring their friends and

family to visit our farm, select their animal(s), and/or inquire into the process.

Alternatively, customers are welcome to order their meat over the phone so that is it

ready upon their arrival.

Can’t handle a whole animal? No problem. Customers interested in half an animal are

encouraged to leave their information with us and we’ll match them up with others. Both

parties are then contacted, and a mutual pickup time is arranged. That way, even those

who can’t handle a whole animal can enjoy farm-fresh meat and save money!

Nature’s Bounty is pleased to now offer pure local honey. It’s great tasting, all-natural, and can help

allegeries. Come visit us, and try some today!

5636 Weber Rd

Vacaville CA, 95687

Open Friday-Sunday 8-5, or by appointment.

(707) 693-0908

Ahmad: (707)761-3700