World-class line-up for IHM Conference 2008 in Brunei

The IHMC 2008 will discuss and offer new strategies and insights
into the growing Halal market.

Brunei Darussalam is set to take centre stage again on August 16-17 with the forthcoming International Halal
Market Conference 2008 (IHMC) that will be held at the International Conference Centre in Bandar Seri
Begawan by bringing together a selection of world-class Halal industry experts to
the Sultanate.

Taking place in conjunction with the 3rd International Halal Product Expo (August 14-17), the IHMC
programme promises to be one of the best line-ups assembled for a Halal conference.

“We have gathered what we consider to be the cream of the Halal industry experts available anywhere in the
world today,” said Hajj Abdalhamid Evans, senior analyst at Imarat Consultants, who are helping the Ministry
of Industry and Primary Resources to organise the conference.

“In so many conferences, the speakers just talk about their company; it becomes a promotional presentation
for their products. We have invited consultants and Halal industry specialists to give their expert views on
how the market is developing and the opportunities and challenges that are there, covering all aspects of the
market,” he went on to explain.

The upcoming international speakers will include Mr Ahmad Adam, President of Crescent Foods Chicago,
and Founder of the American Halal Association, who will look at the importance of quality over quantity for
Halal SMEs.

Mr Saleh Lootah, CEO of Al Islami Foods, Dubai, which had a record year in 2007 of a 59 per cent increase
in sales, will share his experiences on how to expand a Halal brand into food retailing, food service,
restaurants and hotels. Mr Marco Tieman, MD of LBB Teams Sdn Bhd, will talk about why using the cluster
approach to building an effective Halal park is the best road to success. Mr David Smith, CEO of Global
Futures Foresight, UK, author of the recent report on the Rise of Islamic Tourism, looks at the expanding
Halal travel market.

Ms Selma Djukic, President of White Owl Global Services, Canada, Halal pharmaceutical expert looks at the
next wave of the Halal market expansion into bio and pharma sectors. Mr Shahed Amanullah, founder of, USA, will be talking about Halal Online – market development via the Internet, building
consumer awareness, stimulating industry innovation and encouraging adherence to Halal standards. Mr
Redhuan Oon, leader of ADempiere Bazaar, Malaysia will be discussing an ICT roadmap – the challenge
and opportunity for worldwide acceptance, the role of the Internet for the Halal market, concept of Halal ICT –
use of open source application development and Brunei Darussalam as a hub for Halal ICT develoment.

In addition to the international speakers, Dayang Hajah Normah Suria Hayati binti PJDSM Dato Seri Utama
(Dr) Haji Awang Mohd Jamil Al-Sufri, Director of the Department of Agriculture at the Ministry of Industry and
Primary Resources will talk about Brunei’s role in the global Halal market, and Dr Farouk Gad, Professor of
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, will talk about the latest developments in Halal science and research
being done at Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

The Halal market is worth an estimated US $2.1 trillion a year and growing at US$500 billion annually due to
an ever-increasing Muslim population. “Since Muslims are the fastest growing consumer segment in the
world, any company that is not considering how to serve them is missing a significant opportunity to affect
both its top and bottom-line growth. Although there are political and social pitfalls to consider, the
opportunities are so vast and far-reaching that they greatly outweigh the risks. With many of the world’s
consumer segments reaching a saturation point, the Muslim consumer is fast becoming a new outlet to build
a base for future growth,” stated a report ‘Addressing the Muslim Market’ by A T Kearney.

Overall, the topics will cover market analysis, manufacturing and distribution challenges, brand development,
Halal park clusters, online applications for Halal, Halal tourism and hospitality, Halal science and the
pharmaceutical industry, and the development of ICT in the Halal sector.

In addition, there will be two open sessions; one for aspiring SMEs and entrepreneurs and the final session
will cover a new initiative to establish a Halal Product Academy in Brunei Darussalam, with representatives
from the Mufti’s Department.

“This is a well-rounded programme that covers many aspects of the Halal market,” says Hajj Abdalhamid,
“and it offers an excellent opportunity for both private sector stake-holders and Government officers to take
advantage of the knowledge and expertise on offer. This is a not-to-be-missed event for anyone interested in
the fastest developing market sector in the world, the Halal market.” Further details, registration forms and
programmes are available at and for download. Other
enquiries can be addressed to the IHMC Secretariat on +673 233 3964 or +673 233 4172.