Abu Dhabi active in Halal standardisation

Dhabi is building a solid platform to create global standards in the
Halal industry according to organiser of the Halal World Expo, IIR
Middle East.

The company estimated that the
rapidly-expanding Halal industry was now worth approximately US $2.1
trillion and added that, in order to support this growth, a universal
standard for all Halal products was needed.

Establishing such a
benchmark would require a “major combined effort” between industry and
government authorities and the Abu Dhabi government was keen to play a
pivotal role in this process, IIR explained.

“The government sees this year’s exhibition as a crucial step in
increasing the role the UAE plays to meet the demand from Halal
consumers worldwide,” said exhibition director Christine Weaver.

The second edition of the Halal World Expo would take place in Abu
Dhabi from November 11-13 and would bring together major players and
experts from around the world, placing an emphasis on discussion and
debate that would provide a catalyst for establishing international
standards for the Halal industry, she added.

“While there are
currently systems in place to protect consumers in the UAE, a universal
standard will provide consumers with peace of mind when making buying

With its dense concentration of Muslim consumers,
the Middle East is one of the premier users of Halal products, and the
UAE imports an estimated AED 550 million-worth ($150 million) of Halal
merchandise each year said Weaver.