Al Islami UAE market study indicates compelling need for fresh meat

UAE. Since the launch of fresh meat business in the UAE last year,
the compelling demand for real halal and fresh meat prompted Al Islami
to accelerate the setting up of dedicated meat shops across the UAE and
the other countries of the GCC region.

With the annoucement of 15 shops established during first
quarter and second quarter of 2009, Al Islami has started selling fresh
meat in Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain. 12 more shops are being planned for
the next two quarters making total of 27 shops at the end of this year.

Since the unveiling of meat shop business plan, Al Islami has met a
number of enquiries and signed agreements with the Sharjah Cooperavtive
Soceity, Al Ain Cooperative Society and Union Cooperavite Society,
several enquiries are in pipleline from renowned local and
international supermarkets for new shops. Al Islami has hired over 50
professional butchers so far for its meat shops.

Al Islami UAE Meat Market study conducted in mid 2008 indicated a
higher demand of ‘FRESH’ meat than the frozen one as the end consumer,
study says, is more concerned about the health aspect consuming meat.
Over 95 per cent of Al Islami retail customers reported an increased
demand of fresh and halal meat.

The study recorded people very concerned about the meat they eat and
now are highly aware of the benefits of fresh, healthy and halal meat. 

“Today’s consumer has an increased appetite for fresh food due to
very positive awareness about benefits of eating healthy and fresh diet

Establishing fresh meat shops is one of our efforts to create a
balance between the conveniece frozen items and quality fresh and
nutritious food. Al Islami is socially committed to provide people with
healthy, high quality, fresh and real halal meat”, commented Saleh
Abdullah Lootah, CEO of Al Islami Foods.

In line with government efforts, “Al Islami is doing concerted
efforts to position UAE a standard in healthy and halal meat market in
the Middle East.”, Mr Lootah asserted.

The consumers can now buy with confidence the fresh and healthy meat
from Al Islami meat shops set up at the major supermarkets in Dubai,
Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Ummul Quwain.

“Since the launch of meat shops, the market demand for our meat is
testament of an unbreakable consumer trust on Al Islami meat.”, said
Lootah and added: “We are continously receiving enquiries of opening up
Al Islami meat shops from the retail outlets. We have the established
food standards and do not open a new Al Islami meat shop unless the
retailer complies with Al Islami standards. Upon each enquiry, our
quality control team visits the retail outlet premisis to ensure the
outlet complies with the Al Islami food safety, quality and halal

Earlier. during the recent Al Islami road shows organised in
Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, company received a highly encouraging
response for introducing Al Islami meat shops in countries where Al
Islami is present. The head of meat shop business at Al Islami Mr.
Bahgat Helal  is conducting a feasiblity study and meeting with the
distributors in  the

Gulf region.

The meat at Al Islami shops is sourced directly from Australia,
Brazil, India , Egypt and Pakistan under the supervision of Al Islami
representatives designated in these countries who ensure slaughtered
animals are healthy, freshness of meat, high quality and being 100%
halal veal, beef, chicken and mutton imported into.