Asia needs real Halal standards before it can compete with the West


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Asia needs real halal standards before it can compete with the West

When you are catering to 1.8bn Muslim shoppers in a market that, according to The Economist, is likely to grow by 35% by 2030, there is bound to be a degree of fragmentation, but when it comes to halal, it is often more a case of disorganisation.

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World slowly waking up to what Asia has known for years

It is no secret Malaysia has a strict halal verification process and its certification is accepted across all Muslim countries, including the Middle East. But why did the country embark on a policy to tame the standards beast.

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Hui halal hub bringing back Silk Road trade between China and Gulf

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China is home to 10% of the country’s 20m Muslims. While by no means does it have a majority Muslim population, the strong Islamic tradition by the ethnic Hui people of this Silk Road region dates back to its links with the Arab world when it served as a place of exchange for Chinese and Arabian cultures in ancient times.

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India’s halal story is one of missed opportunities

The impression I have always had when travelling abroad is that people overseas think of India as a Hindu-dominated country with a minority sprinkling of other religions. While that its true in essence, it is a fallacy when you talk in numbers.

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A brief tour around Asia-Pacific for the latest halal news

Aussie fast-food favouring halal, Pinoy calls for certified food in schools, Taiwan courts majority-Muslim markets.