Bosnia &Herzegovina Halal products and services

Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) represents the largest and most important market of halal products and services in South Eastern Europe. Moreover, B&H is the best organized halal market in terms of the institutional approach to halal certification of products and services. The Association of halal industry was founded in 2015, whose main aim is to create a positive business environment, education, promotion and raising of public awareness on the importance of halal quality. They successfully realized several projects in the first year.

In the past year was made the “Identity Card of the halal industry in B&H”. According to data collected in 2014, subjects that are operating on halal standards and have certificate, annually achieve about 1.5 billion BAM of income and employ about 8,000 people, not counting subcontractors, with a total of 633,000 tons of food production per year. Halal industry has achieved a positive impact on economic development, entrepreneurship, scientific researches as well as the overall competitiveness of their products on the market.

Agency for Halal Quality Certification is starting a new year of 2016 with a total of 78 clients, companies Bosnia Halal certificationwhose production was aligned with the requirements of Halal standard BAS 1049: 2010. There is 56 companies with halal certificate in B&H and 20 companies outside of B&H. There is 5,000 halal certified products on the shelves of the supermarket and halal services in the hospitality industry are available as well. A total of 18 new companies successfully finished implementation of halal standards in the past year. Moreover, 298 people are employed directly in these companies, who underwent training on the application of the requirements in Halal production and the implementation of internal audit.

Agency for Halal Quality Certification, in cooperation with the Institute for Standardization of B&H, participated and organized the most important conferences in the field of halal standardization and accreditation on European and global level.

A comparative analysis shows that 2015 is the most successful year both for the Agency and the development of halal market in B&H and abroad.