Brazil’s Agriculture Minister welcomes UAE ministers to discuss partnerships

Brazil’s Agriculture minister Carlos Fávaro welcomed in Brasília Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, Foreign Trade minister of the UAE, to talk about cooperation and trade.

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São Paulo – Brazil’s Agriculture and Livestock minister Carlos Fávaro talked to United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Trade minister Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi about partnerships. Fávaro welcomed Al Zeyoud in Brasília on Monday (14) in a meeting to continue talks initiated during the mission of Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry to the Arab country earlier this month. Pictured above, Al Zeyoudi and Fávaro (C) accompanied by staff member and officials after the meeting.

Guilherme Martimon/Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry

Meeting in Brasília on Brazil and the UAE

According to information from Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, the UAE already buys beef, poultry and sugar from Brazil, but there’s room to boost the export of Brazilian items like fruit and undertake cooperations in agribusiness technology and innovation. According to the Ministry, the visit of the Arab minister is a starting point to set agendas for these purposes.

During the mission of Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry to the UAE led by Fávaro, one of leading goals was to seek investments to sustainability actions for Brazilian agribusiness. The minister presented Brazil’s largest sustainable program that plans on doubling the food production area without deforestation, by recovering up to 40 million hectares of unproductive grazing lands.

According to Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry, Al Zeyoudi reaffirmed his country’s interest in deepening trade ties with Brazil and said they’are already working towards that. According to the Arab minister, there’s interest in fostering technology exchange between Brazil’s agricultural research agency Embrapa and its UAE’s counterpart. Al Zeyoudi participated in the launch of Brazil’s growth acceleration plan, known as PAC.

Translation by Guilherme Miranda