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Purely ethical

| 11/06/2008 | Reply
Purely ethical

What would you say to a
plate of petroleum-derived chemicals, along with a side of rusted lead?
Probably a polite, “no thank you”, but the funny reality is that most
women add toxic chemicals to their diet every day, simply by wearing
lipstick and other make-up.

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Cosmetics companies could benefit from targeting Muslim market

| 02/05/2008 | Reply
Cosmetics companies could benefit from targeting Muslim market

the worldwide Muslim population standing at 1.56 billion, few companies
are taking advantage of the significant opportunities presented by this
consumer segment, stated the company. Targeting this market and
providing consumers with halal product alternatives could bring
significant benefits to the cosmetics and fashion industries as well as
food and beverage manufacturers.

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Health & Medical Tourism 2008

| 05/03/2008 | Reply
Health & Medical Tourism 2008

This is a platform for Global Competency in Technology Transfer
(Biotechnology-Medicine for the Earth: Biodynamic Preparations) and
Halal Healthcare – pharmaceutical & healthcare innovations).

The new trend in medical tourism is attempting to be the new niche market. The potential is there, let’s see if they can create the awareness and if countries will respond accordingly to attract this new type of tourist.

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Muslim consumer market still untapped

| 03/03/2008 | Reply
Muslim consumer market still untapped

According to AT
Kearney, a global strategic management consulting firm, companies
should consider how to best tap into the Muslim consumer market for
Shariah-compliant products and services with a global worth of
estimated $2 trillion (Dh7.34trn) annually. 

businesses have targeted ethnic groups for years, there are relatively
few cases of global target segmentation based on religion,” said
Maktoum Al Maktoum, Director of AT Kearney Middle East.

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Halal skincare launched in the UK

| 09/10/2007 | Reply
Halal skincare launched in the UK

Halo Skincare was launched a fortnight ago by Soni Zuberi Shah, after
her own search for trusted halal skincare products revealed that there
was very little choice in the UK market for those wishing to make a
faith-based skincare purchase.

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