EU: After Germany’s halal meat unstun slaughter ban, Muslims head to Poland for Eid feasts

With Germany banning the slaughtering of animals without electrocuting them first, effectively making halal meat illegal, German Muslims this year celebrated Eid Al Adha with meat from Poland
After France, Germany hosts the second largest Muslim population in Europe [Getty]

German butchers have resorted to importing halal meat for Eid Al-Adha in Poland after authorities in Berlin banned an integral process of slaughtering meat in a way that makes it religiously permissible for Muslims to eat.

In Germany, slaughtering meat without electrocution is illegal, which effectively bans the domestic production of halal meat. German Muslims have resorted to neighbouring Poland to stock up on halal animal produce.

Butcher Batal Turkman told Anadolu Agency that he slaughtered 100 lambs on a farm in Poland for German Muslims who are not allowed to carry out the sacrifice themselves without either breaking local, or religious laws.