EU: Evonik obtains new Halal certificate for 112 cosmetic ingredients

halal cosmeticsGerman ingredients supplier Evonik announces that a number of its silicone-based products for personal care are, for the first time, complying with Halal requirements, as it looks to expand on the opportunity in this growing…

The Essen-based firm states that 83 oleochemical and 29 silicone based products are complying with the Halal requirements in accordance with the Islamic Law, and that the Certificate is also accepted by JAKIM Malaysia, MUI Indonesia, MUIS Singapore, CICOT & HIT Thailand and other reputable Halal authorities.

“With this certification we have achieved an important step to significantly expand our business opportunities for oleochemicals and for the first time of silicone based ingredients for personal care in the important globally emerging markets like Asia, the Middle East and the Maghreb region,” says Dr Tammo Boinowitz, Head of Evonik Personal Care.


The Certificates obtained relate to a number of Nutrition & Care products that the company develop in Essen, while also relating to surfactants, emulsifiers, thickeners and conditioners used in personal care formulations, which are developed at the company’s Duisburg facility (various Esters and Zinc Ricinoleates).

Evonik says that this means that this group of products does not contain any additives, which could be qualified as impure (najis) according to Islamic law, are not produced from any impurity (najasa) and do not come into contact with any impurity during the production process.

Experts in this field have evaluated this based on the existing list of additives and additional detailed documents as well as the visits of the plants in Essen and Duisburg in August this year.

The certification is valid for one year (until October 12, 2016) and will be renewed year after year.

“We are currently investigating if the certification of other sites in Asia and Europe is worthy of consideration,” adds Dr Christian Nöthe, Head of Global Product Stewardship/QM Personal Care.

Halal market opportunity

Evonik will be hoping to capitalise on the growing Halal cosmetics market which is expanding at a growth rate of 8% annually, according to Future Market Insights, as demand increases around the world.

This has attracted the attention of manufacturers and global companies who need to maintain their share in markets in which these products are becoming more popular.

The increase in demand, according to Oru Mohiuddin, beauty and personal care senior analyst at Euromonitor, is that the purchasing power …


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