EU: ‘Food for All : The Connective Power of Food Retail’

The world’s exotic cuisines that enrich our food culture are a constant source of inspiration. Social media, television programs, and magazines about food and cooking bring other cultures and their cuisines into our homes on a daily basis. But our enthusiasm to discover new flavours and ingredients is in sharp contrast to the limited assortment of ‘world kitchen’ products available in our traditional supermarkets.

Consumers seeking familiar options from their native countries and consumers who are curious to explore new products are both left empty-handed.

‘Food for All’ shows how retailers can be a force for connection when they address this missed opportunity and develop products that give some customers the feeling of being ‘at home’ and provide others with the exotic food experiences they desire.

To achieve this they need to develop ‘common food’, a range of products that will satisfy the wishes of all consumers and will allow us as a society to sit around the same table.

About Rachid Lamrabat

Rachid Lamrabat is the founder of TIQAH, a strategic ethnomarketing and communication agency that specialises in understanding and reaching different target groups. He is much in demand as a keynote speaker with an expertise in the field of diversity and inclusion. He has previously won the Marketing Book of the Year Prize. He is the inspiration behind the By Oummi food brand, which seeks to connect people though good food.