EU: Stunning of cattle a big issue in Europe’s abattoirs

ABC Rural Australia radio interview with Abdalhamid Evans, Founder Halalfocus and Bill Reilly, President The British Veterinary Association

Stunning of cattle a big issue in Europe’s abattoirs

The UK Government is under pressure to do the same, but in response, a group of non-stunning abattoirs in Britain has formed an association.

Spokesman for HalalFocus, Abdalhamid Evans, says it’s trying to stand up to the power of animal rights groups.

“It’s very easy to make an argument that you should stun an animal,” he said.

“There’s not been a great deal of good science, and in my assessment, there’s been quite a lot of sloppy science and just emotive opinion.

“Blogs on the internet ‘well, would you want to have your throat cut without being stunned?’, or ‘would you have an operation without being anaesthetised?’, which really is not a very scientific statement.”

The British Veterinary Association is pressuring the UK Government to legislate for all animals to be stunned before slaughter.

President of the Association, Professor Bill Reilly, says the latest studies internationally show that cattle, in particular, can be conscious and feeling pain for several minutes after their throats are cut.

He says 25 per cent of the meat available in the UK is halal certified already, and Muslims only represent 3 per cent of the population.