Halal for the Palates of Young Muslims

An extraordinary halal food experience unlike any you have ever tasted!
Al-Falah Halal Foods Ltd is a young company founded by 3 university
friends, Ritesh-Mehdi, Naheed & Aly, in 2004. We came together to
provide unique 100% halal products not available in the market.We found
that the halal food market was lacking products that catered to the
palates of young Muslims. That’s why we started making delicious modern
halal food. We want people to think of “al-falah”as their healthy halal
We call ourselves “al-falah” because our food is always 100% halal,
using ONLY unstunned meat and NO mechanically de-boned meat, always
completely halal, pure, fresh and unadulterated.
al-falah caters to suit the modern Muslim consumer and guarantees to
satisfy at the highest level. We use the freshest and highest quality
ingredients in all of our product offerings. From our unique deli meats
to a wide variety of authentic frozen and chilled European, Oriental
and Eastern ready made meals, drinks and desserts, you, your family and
guests will always crave for!