Halal Logo Hopes To Generate Trust

Halal logo is hoped to generate trust on Brunei’s Halal products in
Southeast Asian and international markets. This was stated by the
Director of Agriculture from the Ministry of Industries and Primary
Resources, Hjh Normah Suria Hayati PJDSM Dato Seri Utama (Dr) Hj Jamil
Al-Sufri during an interview in Radio Televisyen Brunei’s (RTB) talk
show, ‘Dialogue’ last night.

said the introduction of the Brunei Halal logo was designed to help not
only in developing the local economy but also in creating a sense of
“identiti jenama”, (brand identity) the director said.

also pointed out that the Halal logo which was unveiled recently, would
be original in design and different as well as easily identifiable from
the logos of neighbouring countries.

Normah Suria Hayati expressed her hope to expand the logo to other
non-food items in accordance with the Halal Standard Guidelines, such
as cosmetics with the aim of generating a quality driven product that
can be trusted.

about the Brunei 3rd International Halal Expo scheduled for August 14,
the director said the expo will, among others, feature the achievements
within the past year on exhibitions on local Halal brand products and
the introduction of the Halal processing laboratory and the agro

director also said that the Halal expo could be a good opportunity for
local businesses to learn more regarding other Halal brands and also
how the relevant agencies could properly accredit the Halal brand to

Normah Suria Hayati also disclosed that over 145 companies comprising
local and international companies will take part in the upcoming expo.

said that the high number of participation from local companies showed
that they were keen to take part without the need to spend a great deal
of money on international expos.

as for regional companies, she said, their participation in the expo
could provide them with some insights on the various local products
which are available in the market. “The main importance of the expo is
to expose local businesses participation with other countries in the
international arena,” the director said.

also emphasised that “local businesses participating will be able to
learn and compare their products with international brands and find
ways on how to improve them further”.

The four-day expo will be held at the International Convention Centre in Berakas. (AAB1)  where the accompanying International Halal Market Conference ‘The Emergence of the Halal Market Economy’ will also be taking place on the 16-17 August 2008.

— Courtesy of The Brunei Times