Halal Products Boom Amid Global Economic Recession

By Dania Norjidi

Bandar Seri Begawan – Amid growing
concerns over the state of the global economy, the International
Halal Market Conference 2009 will focus on the pivotal role the
industry can play by acting as an engine of growth for economic

Despite the
global economic downturn, it was discovered that the demand
for halal products and services has never been higher. Halal
food has become a $2.1 trillion industry due to the
increasing demand for halal products from 1.8 billion
Muslims around the world as well as some non-Muslims,
according to reports from the Gulf News.

Global interest in Halal
continues to grow with the implementation of new standards,
commercial developments and international joint ventures.
The Halal sector is emerging as a powerful engine of growth
in the global economy.

As a Malay Islamic
Monarchy, Brunei Darussalam

has made a strong
commitment to the development of the Halal sector, both
as an Islamic responsibility and as a means of economic
strength and diversification.

In 2008, Brunei’s IHMC
2008 set a new standard for high quality, industry-led
conference content.

Themed “The Emergence
of the Halal Market Economy”, the IHMC brought together
leading halal sector specialists to review the progress
of this exciting new market paradigm.

This year’s IHMC 2009
is themed “Halal – An Engine for Growth and Opportunity”,
and presents a selection of topics that will address
issues of global market concern, as well as to showcase
the advances that Brunei’s Halal agenda has made in
recent years.

This year, conference
sessions will include ‘Brunei’s Role in the Global Halal
Market’, ‘Developing Infrastructure for the Halal
Industry’, ‘Marketing Halal Products and Services’, ‘Halal
Guidelines for the Pharmaceutical Sector’, ‘Halal
Standards for the OIC’, ‘Halal ingredients – the Key to
Market Expansion’, ‘Analysis and Testing methods in
Halal Science’ and The business of Halal – Balancing

Speakers from Canada,
USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Malaysia and Brunei
Darussalam have been invited to touch upon these topics,
and share their professional experience in these fields.

There will also be
panel sessions to provide the audience with the
opportunity to ask these experts any relevant questions
they may have.

“For anyone working in
the Halal industry this will be an ideal time to network
with Halal specialists from around the globe and update
yourself on how Halal can be an engine of growth and
opportunity for your business, and your country,” said
the press release.

  — Courtesy of Borneo