Halal school meals row continues in Lancashire

Here is a link to a Granada ITN interview by Clare Fallon with representatives from the Lancashire Country Council and Lancashire Council of Mosques on the topic of serving stunned meat to Muslim school children in the county:-    ITN news report.

HalalFocus comment: Please click here for our views on how the ‘stun vs no-stun’ issue has been blown out of all proportion…and what can be done to bring some sanity to the situation.

This ITV news clip demonstrates very clearly the degree to which this issue has taken centre stage, when in fact it it not the central issue of Halal compliance at all.

It seems pretty clear that Lancashire County Council have gone to considerable lengths to source Halal meals for the Muslim school children in their region. To reject this initiative on the grounds that the meat is unacceptable because it has been stunned actually goes against the consensus of the scholars of the global Muslim community. To say that the LCC are somehow ‘anti-Muslim’ as a result is really stretching credibility to breaking point.

I fear the baby has gone out with the bathwater.