HDC To Issue Country’s Halal Certificate And Logo

HDC To Issue Country’s Halal Certificate And Logo

By Tengku Noor Shamsiah Tengku Abdullah

PUTRAJAYA, April 2 (Bernama) — The Halal Industry Development
Corporation (HDC)has been given the mandate by the Cabinet to start
issuing the Halal certificate in the country and take over the role
from Jakim (Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia).

The decision has been made and it is effective immediately, Prime
Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced Wednesday.

“HDC is already capable of issuing the certificates and this means
that the agency which issues the halal certificate and logo under Jakim
will now change and operate under HDC,” he told Bernama in an interview
following his meeting with Menteri Besar Terengganu Datuk Ahmad Said at
his office here Wednesday. Abdullah said HDC will issue the same,
established halal certificate and logo which Jakim had been issuing
thus far.

He said the country’s halal certification system had been adopted by the United Nations.

Abdullah said there were currently 40 companies including foreign countries waiting to be issued with the Halal certificate.

“With this decision, there can be a speedier issuance of the certificates,” he said.

HDC was set up in 2006 by the Prime Minister’s Department with the
objective of positioning Malaysia as a Global Halal Hub and
accelerating the development of the halal industry worldwide.

Abdullah said at the recent Organisation of Islamic Conference
(OIC) meeting in Dakar, Senegal, a decision was also made that Malaysia
issued the Halal certificate besides being a hub for the development of
the halal industry.

He said HDC would be able to issue the international Halal certificate
including for OIC member countries using the Jakim Logo which has been
adopted by the United Nations.