Indonesia: Govt to Regulate Halal Certification Fee

logo_muiTEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The government and House of Representatives (DPR) intend to put Halal Products draft bill under the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ authority. The ministry’s Secretary General, Bachrul Hayat, said that the certification fee can be regulated in detail if it is done by public agency under the ministry.

“The public agency is bound by several regulations. There must be government regulation on the fee,” Bachrul said on Monday.

According to Bachrul, the fee will become non-tax state income (PNBP) and obtain operating costs from the state budget.

“So the government guarantees the operating costs to ensure its accountability,” said Bachrul.

Previously, Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) chairman Din Syamsuddin asked the government to revoke MUI’s authority in issuing halal certificate. Din claimed the certification process has proceeded well and halal and haram can only be determined by the council.

Bachrul explained that the ministry still involves MUI for halal certification. MUI will still keep issuing halal and non-halal fatwa before giving certification.