INEXTO: Building Intelligent Supply Chains

Even though the food and beverage (F&B) advertisements often showcase lucrative pictures of different meals and drinks, the current condition of the industry is not entirely peachy. If one closely observes the F&B sector, increasing product recalls, counterfeits, and falsifications are driving the need? for improved product marking.

Today, consumers no longer passively make food choices without thinking about the broader repercussions on their lifestyle. This places an added responsibility on the F&B companies for providing ready-to-access product information to consumers on food safety.

Against this backdrop, food and beverage manufacturers are in search of an effective ‘farm to fork’ traceability system that will help them maintain their brand reputation by bringing complete transparency across the supply chain.

As a front runner in digitalising the supply chain, INEXTO has created a disruptive suite of software solutions to improve consumer confidence by providing the capability to track and trace food products throughout the product life cycle.

“The prime objective of INEXTO is to establish B2B, B2C, and B2G interoperability through data security, as well as, ensure brand and trade protection for clients,” states Philippe Chatelain, the CEO of INEXTO.

Through its ground-breaking suite of solutions, the company creates unique, secure, and encrypted identification codes, which are physically marked on each product during the manufacturing process and then monitored throughout the supply chain. Notably, INEXTO uses ultra-secure encryption method based on proven methodologies ?such as HMAC to assure greater authenticity of product information. This unique serialised identification extends to each level of packaging for enabling end-to-end traceability and transparency. Moreover, the unique code of each product is linked with all essential information like expiration date, ingredients, allergens, carbon dioxide emissions due to transportation, and halal certifications.

Consumers can access this information via INEXTO’s smartphone application, which enhances both the purchase experience and the brand’s direct relationship with the consumer. Besides, the INEXTO’s solutions are designed in such a way that it prevents both rogue code generation and duplication.

With such innovative track and trace solutions, INEXTO provides superior insights into a product’s operational data and workflow, keeping all the stakeholders on the same page. At the same time, the company guarantees interoperability between each stakeholder of the supply chain by adopting GS1 open, interoperable, and user-driven standards for traceability and enhanced transparency regarding product information. This allows the trading partners and other members in the F&B supply chain to easily collaborate and share product, logistics, and trade-related information across the entire chain.

The secret recipe behind such robust solutions is INEXTO’s multidisciplinary team of experts. The company’s technical team has implemented INEXTO’s proven solutions for leading companies. In one instance, partnering with Schneider Electric, INEXTO is providing key advantages to companies in the F&B industry. Utilising INEXTO’s suite of solutions, the organisations were able to achieve full recall capability, supply chain optimisation, proof of origin, compliance to regulations, and support for sustainability programs.

Needless to say, partnering with INEXTO is equivalent to embracing digital innovation. INEXTO’s deep portfolio offers customers both proven and cost-effective solutions that can be quickly adapted, optimised, and scaled to their specific needs.

“To keep pace with the changing needs in the F&B industry, INEXTO will continue to innovate and develop a wide range of products,” concludes Philippe Chatelain, CEO.